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These are some of the publications which are either about scripting or have required the extensive use of scripts:


Articles co-authored by Dave Mitchell:


1. Scripting-customised microscopy tools for DigitalMicrograph™, D. R. G. Mitchell, B. Schaffer, Ultramicroscopy, 103, 319-332, (2005).

2. Determination of mean free path for energy loss and surface oxide film thickness using convergent beam electron diffraction and thickness mapping: a case study using Si and P91 steel, D. R. G. Mitchell, J. Microscopy, 224, 187-196, (2006).

3. Circular Hough transform diffraction analysis: A software tool for automated measurement of selected area electron diffraction patterns within DigitalMicrograph™, D. R. G. Mitchell, Ultramicroscopy, 108, 363-374, (2008).

4. DiffTools: Electron diffraction software tools for DigitalMicrograph™, D. R. G. Mitchell, Microscopy Research and Technique, 71, 588-593, (2008).

5. RDFTools: A software tool for quantifying short-range order in amorphous materials. D. R. G. Mitchell and T. C. Petersen, Microscopy Research and Technique, 75, 153-163, (2011).

6. Probe current in analytical TEM/STEM and its application to the characterization of large area EDS detectors, D. R. G. Mitchell and M. J. B. Nancarrow, Microscopy Research and Technique, 78, 886-893, (2015).

7. Development of an ellipse fitting method with which to analyse selected area electron diffraction patterns, D. R. G. Mitchell and J. A. Van den Berg, Ultramicroscopy, 160, 140-145 (2016).


Scripting-related articles by others:

  1. A DigitalMicrograph™ script for crystal thickness measurements using convergent beam electron diffraction, V. Hou ; Proc. Microscopy and Microanalysis, Supplement 2, 10,1380-1381, (2004).

  2. EFTEM assistant: A tool to understand the limitations of EFTEM, S. Lozano Perez, J. M. Titchmarsh., Ultramicroscopy, 107, 313-321, (2007).


If you are aware of recent scripting-related publications which are accessible via the web, please send the reference to:Dave Mitchell (in your email program remove the nospam from the end of the address to make it work).